Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Beauty of Earth

I would never expect to experience an epiphany (ooh look at all that alliteration) whilst wading through racks of clothes at the Clothes Show in Birmingham but that is exactly what happened.

By a happy accident I found an oversized slogan t-shirt that read “The Earth Without Art is Just Eh” If the top had not been two sizes too large, or had I been in the creative mind-set to think of how to customise the top to make it fit, here would be I styling the t-shirt in a ridiculously OTT  chic outfit to support my point. However, I did not. So I encourage you instead to admire this t-shirt as modelled by this handsome man who can be easily mistaken for a Greek God. This is only one of many designs which can be purchased HERE.

Excuse my blabbering. What is it that I hear you scream at your screen, get to the point? Ah yes.

Earth is overflowing with art that is expressed in the most extraordinary and beautiful ways. One of these ways is, of course, fashion.

Some would take being stared at whilst walking down a busy street as a sign that the starererer (lots of emphasis on the fact that yes, it is not a real word but I cannot find a suitable replacement my dears) in question is scrutinizing you and your outfit, but I say no.

If your attire has literally forced someone to meet your gaze and scan you with their eyes then surely what you chose to cover your beautiful body with that morning is something to be admired? Fashion should not be taken seriously.

Although I am a lover of trends and the nostalgic eras that designers continue to reincarnate with their clothes, I have nothing but respect for people who dress innovatively and creatively, and not “in trend”. As they treat their body as it should be treated; as a work of art.

John Galliano: Eccentric or inspiring?

Media is always telling us what we should be wearing, though they are only the middle man between big fashion houses and us. Yet where do the designers of said fashion houses get their inspiration from? Us. Rather than letting them dictate what we wear on a daily basis, let us tell them.

Wear what you want to wear without a second glance at those gawping, as long as you feel beautiful why should it matter that somebody else does not approve?

Perhaps I may be taking the idea of fashion too seriously to some. But to me, clothes have the ability to uplift someone’s mood and bring them confidence, overall having a positive outlook on their day.

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Friday, May 10, 2013

Walking Talking Clothes Horse

What is a model? A role model, an act against feminism that women have fought so hard for, or simply a job? In my opinion, a model is simply a walking talking clothes horse.
Perhaps that requires a little more explanation.

A clothes horse is of course, as defined by Google: “A frame on which washed clothes are hung to air indoors.” Similarly, models, although they have the tendency to prance around in the nude, showcase the artistic work of designers by wearing their clothes. Clothes which have been designed to flatter the bodies of women who are slender and are of the height of a mini giant tall. Where designers developed the assumption that the majority of ladies have this body shape is beyond my understanding. However, that’s for another blog post.

Lovely little representation of a model clothes horse

Ah yes, the walking and talking part. Now, that is pretty self-explanatory. Although models resemble the stature of a clothes horse they are in fact humans, walking and talking humans, with feelings.

It’s very common to spend a lonely Friday night flicking through the pages of Vogue envying the body of models and hating them, assuming that they starve themselves and convincing ourselves that they’re horrid non-appreciating people. However, that’s really not the case.

Models, or their bodies rather, have become both an object of desire and disdain. Yet I don’t feel as if they are the ones to blame. These women have worked hard to develop a body occasionally resembling a Grecian Goddess, and ruddy well good for them!

A perfect example of models' bodies being used as a blank canvas for an artist's work

If the works of art that are couture and the products of a designer’s inspiration best suit a body with a more petite frame, well then we must grow to accept this. No longer should we force ourselves through traumatic periods of exercise and eating crudites convincing ourselves that we enjoy it just to gain such a body, as for many, this is just impossible. Besides, why should we strain ourselves so much just to become somebody else’s idea of perfect?!

The point of my ever so ramble-y rant is that perfection is not attainable. Only the feeling of content is. Be happy with who you are and what you look like, for if you don’t, then who will be?

Wallace said it best "Love yourself first"